The collaborative platform for educational
DIY Science Projects

Publishing criteria

The DIY Science Projects published on the platform Do-it-yoursciences must respect the following criteria:

Not just an experiment
The projects must consist in working objects that can be used many times. They are not only scientific experiments.

Simple, practical and cheap
The projects must be simple to build by non-specialists and use cheap materials widely available.

With an educational value
The projects are mainly intended for teachers looking for ideas allowing pupils to :
  • Understand better scientific matters
  • Understand better the world
  • Be more aware of the environmental issues
Neutral and harmless
The DIY Sciences Projects must be neutral, non-political, not commercial with only an educational purpose. The projects must be harmless to build and use.

The Administrators of the Do-it-yoursciences platform can delete or modify the projects which do not comply with the above criteria.